The Workhorse
  • 18 MPH Top Speed
  • Up to 40 Mile Range*
  • Inclines up to 40%*
  • 375lb load capacity*
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Ships in August

- Front and rear fenders
- Detachable cargo basket


Transport is the workhorse of the CycleBoard family.  Designed to haul a massive 375lbs in combined rider and cargo weight, the Transport is built to withstand the rigors of daily private or commercial use.  It includes full suspension and larger 10” pneumatic tires for vibration absorption and a softer ride feel.  Powered by a 60v 1000W near silent geared hub motor with a 4.3:1 gear reduction and 1152wh battery, Transports high torque motor requires less energy for even longer range cruising and steeper hill climbing ability.  Responsive hydraulic brakes provide complete control.  CycleBoard Transport's 3-wheel, intuitive lean to steer design with patented linkage system (PLS) offers the ultimate experience in steering and stability along with the power and hauling capacity to bring your gear along for the ride even on the steepest hills.

Range Travel up to 40 miles with the extended range 60v 19.2Ah LG battery (1152 watt hours).

Top Speed  18 mph.

Speed Modes 2 Pre-set speed limits for maximum rider control in any environment.

Hill Climbing Climb up to a 40% grade with power and ease.

Suspension Independent front suspension + rear suspension absorbs shock and dampens vibration for a smooth and responsive ride on a variety of road conditions.

Tires Pneumatic all-terrain tires with proprietary steel belt design to maintain a flat surface for maximum traction when turning and carving.

Frame Aircraft grade aluminum chassis with reinforced stainless steel handle: The Transport is built to be ridden thousands of miles for multiple years in private or commercial applications.

Brakes Hydraulic disc brakes for the ultimate in braking performance and control: come to a smooth stop at any speed (includes parking brake).

Security Frame lock location.

Stable Platform:  Transport's Cargo Basket is set on a 9 degree angle for perfect balance with  up to 75lbs of cargo.



Up to 40 miles 

Hill Climb

Up to 40% grade


60v 1000W High Torque Geared Hub Motor with a 4.3:1 Gear Reduction


Rear suspension + Independent front suspension


Thumb throttle with 2 speed modes


LCD with speed, battery life, USB Port and more


81 lbs (without basket)


Quick fold handle (handle folds with basket attached)

Top Speed

18 MPH+

Speed Modes

2 Pre-set speed limits 


Hydraulic rear disc brake (180mm) 


All-Terrain pneumatic 10" x 3" front tires / 10" x 4" rear tire

Battery Access

Hinging Deck / Quick Swap


Frame hole locking location


44.5" (L) x 25" (front wheelbase) x 10" deck width




Transport is designed to be the perfect single rider utility vehicle. Combining our intuitive lean-to-steer technology with Transports incredible power, battery range and hauling capacity make this a highly functional vehicle that can be deployed in a variety of private or commercial applications.

Science of Steering Patented Linkage System

The Cornerstone of every CycleBoard we build is our patented linkage system (PLS) that amplifies the degree of wheel turn to match the gentle lean of the rider. Self-centering suspension supports the rider into the turns putting them in total control and creating a remarkable level of safety and stability.

Stable Platform


Transport's integrated handle and advanced lean-to-steer technology put the rider in complete control. Advanced electronics and controls make acceleration and braking smooth and effortless along with front and rear suspension to create a remarkable riding experience you’ll want to do again and again. Transport's self-centering suspension is designed to move as you move, so as you lean in any direction, your CycleBoard will follow, making riding instinctive for new riders and seasoned pros alike.

Power and performance

Keep Driving

Gradual acceleration for smooth starts and extended driving range – Go The Distance – Travel up to 40 miles with the 1152 watt hour battery.

Crush Hills

High torque geared hub motor carries up to 375lbs and crushes the steepest hills.

On Board Cargo

Bring up to 75lbs of gear with the detachable lightweight 20-liter cargo basket.

Dominate Hills

Massive torque from the 60v geared hub motors with a 4.3:1 gear reduction climbs monster hills.


As smooth as it gets. CycleBoards front suspension features compression springs that act independently to provide shock absorption and increased stability for a soft ride on smooth pavement or uneven terrain.


Don’t sweat the bumps. CycleBoards rear suspension design features dual compression springs perfectly engineered to provide maximum shock absorption and vibration dampening.


Precision machined 2 piece aluminum wheel hubs with pneumatic all-terrain tires designed for maximum grip and high-performance on paved areas.

Let’s Go.

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