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The Third Wheel



— Cycleboard Editorial Team

3 Wheeled Personal Electric Vehicles may be coming to a city near you

It’s no secret that the electric scooter and bicycle ride share markets have been growing rapidly in recent years since the need for light personal electric transportation has created unprecedented demand. Now more than ever, ride share companies are becoming aware of the importance of safety and rider control. They recognize the benefits of a three wheeled self standing device for stability and safety in addition to the obvious benefits of semi-autonomous driving, check out the video below to learn more about how Spin and Ford are raising awareness of the three wheeled personal electric vehicle in the electric scooter ride share industry.

The CycleBoard Difference

CycleBoard takes it a step further by leveraging our patented lean to steer technology that ensures the rider is always leaning into the turns creating inherent stability and more rider control. CycleBoard offers 3 wheeled off road and commuter electric scooters for adults with long range batteries, advanced braking and suspension systems as well as impressive hill climbing capabilities. These features combined with our lean to steer platform make CycleBoard one of the best personal electric vehicles for adults of all ages.

We’re excited about the launch of Ford's/Spin’s 3-wheel semi-autonomous ride sharing scooters and we believe that this will help bring three wheeled personal electric scooters more into the spot light. The number of rental fleets CycleBoard has is also rapidly expanding bringing additional awareness to the CycleBoard brand, check out the image from Carl H.'s rental business in Florida below.