Become a CycleBoard Dealer | 3 Wheeled Electric All-Terrain Vehicle

Add Cycleboard to your Store!

Add CycleBoard to your sales mix and attract new buyers with our one-of-a-kind 3-wheel lean to steer electric vehicles. Simply complete the short dealer request form below and we will contact you asap.

Become a CycleBoard Dealer & profit in 3 ways

1. Profit from sales

2. Earn rental income if you choose to offer rentals

3. Earn fee income if you would like to perform warranty service work for local customers

Apply today to lock in sales rights for your area and protect future dealers from taking your customers!

Below is a list of the 3 dealer programs we currently offer. If you have any questions regarding our programs, please email or call 800-517-0311

*Please note, that all dealer programs require dealers to have a retail location to display at least 1 unit.


1. Dropship Retailer

Not ready to hold inventory yet?  No problem, become a Dropship Retailer with the purchase of 1 demo/floor unit for display and CycleBoard will drop ship orders directly to your customers as you receive them.  CycleBoards' industry-leading warranty and world-class support ensure that you and your customers are always taken care of.


2. Small Retailer

Love CycleBoard and want to start featuring our products in your lineup? The small retailer program is great for businesses that are ready to try out CycleBoard before making a large commitment. Get started with as little as 3 units today.


2. Large Retailer

Ready to start crushing it with CycleBoard?  With a minimum order of 10 units, you’ll receive the maximum margin under our Large Retailer Program and have plenty of inventory in stock for your customers.  We have a world-class support team and are dedicated to supporting our dealers and customers 100% out of our California HQ.

Business Contact Information

To apply for the CycleBoard Dealer program, please complete the form below. Our sales team will contact you asap.