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CycleBoard is building electric vehicles designed to be ridden thousands of miles for multiple years. CycleBoard's 3-wheel, lean to steer platform significantly reduces the fall risk normally associated with stand up riding which means nearly anyone, regardless of background or ability can step on and ride.

Lean to Steer

Experience CycleBoards impressive maneuverability and control as you cruise and carve through your city. Enjoy the freedom to ride without worry with CycleBoards intuitive 3-wheel, lean-to-steer system.

Commute on your Schedule

Whether you're navigating city, neighborhood or campus environments, forget traffic and parking headaches and get there faster with time to spare on your new lightweight electric CycleBoard.

Don’t sweat the bumps

The CycleBoard is perfectly designed for maximum stability and easy handling over unpredictable terrain. Dual inflatable front tires ensure a smooth ride over transitions and cracks in the road.



The Classic Street Machine

  • specs22 MPH Top Speed
  • specs15 to 20 Mile Range*
  • specsInclines up to 20%*

Comes in two color options

Elite Pro

The Ultimate In Performance

  • specs27 MPH Top Speed
  • specsUp to 25 Mile Range*
  • specsInclines up to 25%*

Comes in two color options


No Limits All-Terrain Vehicle

  • specs27 MPH Top Speed
  • specsUp to 40 Mile Range*
  • specsInclines up to 30%*

Comes in four color options


Personal Golf Vehicle

  • specs13MPH Top Speed
  • specsUp to 36 Holes per charge*
  • specsInclines up to 40%*

Comes in one color options


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CycleBoard Rover Burnt OrangeAMAZING EXPERIENCE

Wow! I've been riding my new Rover for a few weeks and get stopped like 10 times every time I ride. The speed, suspension and size of this board is crazy fun and stable. I don't know why someone did'nt come up with this idea before.

Michael D - Austin TX
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CycleBoard Elite PROFast

I bought the Elite Pro to commute to work and I love the speed and handling of this board. The power to weight ratio feels perfect for higher speed maneuvers and I love the carving sensation, also the suspension really smooths out the bumps on rough city streets.

Jason G - NYC
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CycleBoard Sport Carbon GreySO FUN!

I received the Carbon Gray Sport, the set up was easy and the lean to steer riding style was easy to learn and became instinctive after only a couple of minutes on the board. Lots of fun on our Sunday morning rides around the river. It has plenty of power to get me up the hills and get around the city. I have put quite a few miles on it now and the build quality is excellent. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a fun commute or relaxed Sunday ride.

Renee K - Queensland Australia
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CycleBoard Rover Carbon GreyA BEAST

I have the Rover and I can't believe how substantial this thing is. One thing's for sure, this is no scooter, it's more like a Humvee!

Alex S - Miami, FL

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