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The Third Wheel



— Cycleboard Editorial Team

Brandon's Story: Taking back my Mobility

Allow us to introduce Brandon, a recent CycleBoard owner, construction manager and former explorer. Brandon lost the ability to get around when he was quite young. In his 20's Brandon was in a bad motorcycle accident that left him severely injured. For a long time Brandon could not get around, his lack of mobility caused his injury to develop further and worsen over time.

One day while Brandon's wife was looking for a birthday gift, she came across CycleBoard and how different it was from everything she had seen. She knew that it was the answer to what she had been looking for. They received their new Board and Brandon has not stopped riding since. He is an avid CycleBoard user and enthusiast and was the first customer to join our CycleBoard Riding team.

With a top speed of 27mph, a 40-mile range battery and full suspension, the three-wheel platform, lean to steer design provided a stable and intuitive mid-range vehicle that Brandon uses regularly not only to explore, but to relive the adrenaline that he lost from his accident.

Learn more by watching Brandon’s Story below and see how you can gain back mobility and adventure in your life.