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X-Quad 3000

X-QUAD | 4 Wheel Electric Vehicle

Navigate rugged terrain with unparalleled performance and stability.



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  • 36-month warranty on your X-Quad! Covers frame, handle, motor & many other components. Electronics & battery for 12 months. Excludes wear & tear, water damage. See full warranty details here.

  • Our first and second production runs are 100% sold out and early customer orders have already begun receiving their boards. We are currently accepting pre-orders for our 3rd production run with anticipated delivery dates starting in May.

Revolutionize your Outdoor Adventure

The epitome of power, performance, and unrivaled versatility, the all-terrain electric X-Quad 3000 with 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension is here to revolutionize your outdoor adventures. Leave no terrain unconquered as you effortlessly glide through rugged landscapes, conquer trails, and soar over obstacles with precision and grace. With its robust construction, advanced technology and sleek design, this fearless companion redefines what it means to explore.

  • "Unleash unstoppable power and conquer any terrain, the ultimate electric adventure companion."

  • "Rally-inspired performance, a true game-changer in the world of electric scooters."

  • "Redefines outdoor exploration, offers an unmatched blend of power & stability."

  • "Urban streets to off-road trails, boundless adventures and electrifying fun."

  • "Step into the future of electric mobility and feel more alive with every ride."

  • "Powerful, easy to ride, and built for the bold, sets a new standard for electric scooters."

  • "No matter your size or skill level, promising thrills at every turn."

  • "A high-performance electric scooter engineered to give you the ultimate thrill."


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fast top speed 4 wheel scooter

Whats the Top Speed?

27 miles per hour

3 wheeled electric vehicle with long range - 40 miles per charge

Whats the range?

50 miles+ per charge

Hit 30% inclines with the worlds most versatile 3 wheeled electric vehicle - CycleBoard Rover

Hows the hill climbing?

Inclines up to 40%*

3 wheeled electric scooter with a powerful 60V 1800W brushless hub motor

How powerful is the motor?

Dual 1500W Motors (3000w)

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    Hit the Links

    The X Quad's Golf Mode is tailor-made for the links, optimizing performance for golf course environments with a combination of low speed/high torque for easy hill climbing, automatic electronic braking as well as 4-wheel mechanical braking and a custom Golf Bag Mount to effortlessly transport your clubs while enjoying smooth navigation across the course.

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    Bring your Gear

    Gear up for adventure with the X-Quad's versatile cargo-carrying capabilities. With our front rack, rear basket, cargo basket and trailer accessories, the X-Quad becomes your ultimate companion to bring your gear along on your journey. Explore with confidence, bringing everything you need along for the ride!

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    See and Been Seen

    Navigate the night with confidence on the X-Quad with maximum visibility for maximum safety. Illuminating your path, the integrated front lights pierce through darkness, offering clarity and assurance as you explore and the integrated taillight/brake light ensures you're seen by others, enhancing your presence on the road.

Size Guide

One size fits all

Lean to Steer

The Cornerstone of every Board we build is our patented linkage system that amplifies the degree of wheel turn to match the gentle lean of the rider. Self-centering suspension supports the rider into the turns creating exceptional control and stability.

Unleash your inner Adventurer


Power & Rugged Performance

Witness the exhilarating power of the X Quad 3000 as our skilled rider effortlessly glides into gravity-defying side drifts. Unleash your adventurous spirit and experience the unrivaled agility of this ultimate all-terrain electric scooter. Discover the joy of precise control and thrilling maneuvers as you ride the X Quad 3000 through any terrain, embracing the excitement of every turn and drift.


Custom Grip Pad

Discover the ultimate rubber grip pad engineered exclusively for the X-Quad, combining unbeatable durability, exceptional traction, and superior grip. This high-performance pad allows riders to confidently navigate various terrains with ease. Plus, its easy-to-clean design ensures effortless maintenance for miles and miles of worry free riding.

Integrated Lights

The X-Quad features front and rear lighting elements that enhance safety and visibility. They include a front headlight for clear vision as well as a taillight and brake light integrated into the rear foot pad on the deck. With this comprehensive lighting system, the X-Quad ensures a secure riding experience, day or night.

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Details & Features

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    Intelligent LCD Display

    With an advanced LCD display offering a range of features to enhance your ride. Choose from 4 ride modes including Eco, Sport, and even a specialized Golf mode. Enjoy added security with theft protection and parameter lock passwords, while the auto-braking feature provides additional safety. USB charge port, adjustable backlight and real-time information.

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    Double Wishbone 4-wheel Independent Suspension

    Elevate your ride with the cutting-edge suspension system of the X-Quad electric scooter. Engineered with precision and drawing inspiration from rally car designs, this advanced suspension setup ensures unrivaled performance. Say goodbye to bumpy rides as you glide over rough terrains with confidence, effortlessly absorbing shocks and bumps.

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    4-Wheel Braking System

    With dual hydraulic rear disc brakes, dual front mechanical drum brakes, and dual motor regenerative braking, this four-wheel electric marvel ensures optimal power and safety for an electrifying off-road adventure. Conquer new terrain with unwavering confidence and embrace the next generation of electric mobility.

Power and Performance

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    Powerful Dual 1500W Motor

    Unleash unstoppable power with the dual 1500W (peak) rear hub motors. With four ride modes to choose from, you can tailor your experience to match your desired level of excitement and control. From exhilarating bursts of speed to smooth cruising, our dual motor technology takes your ride to new heights. Experience the thrill of raw power at your fingertips with the X-Quad.

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    Advanced Battery Design

    The X-Quad 3000 utilizes an advanced 60V 30Ah battery pack (1800Wh) equipped with top-of-the-line LG and Samsung 21700 Lithium Ion cells. Recharging is effortless with a standard household wall outlet, and it offers an impressive 50+ mile range for extended cruising distances.

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    Rear Integrated Foot Pad and Brake Light

    A Rear Integrated Foot Pad and Brake Light elevate your electric riding experience. With the Rear Foot Pad, enjoy enhanced control and stability as you effortlessly maneuver through various terrains. Plus, the Brake Light feature provides increased safety. Experience the ultimate in convenience and safety with this cutting-edge addition to your electric ride.

Multi-Purpose Electric Board

Each piece has been carefully thought out and engineered with safety & stability in mind.


Integrated Lights & Advanced LCD

The X-Quad 3000 comes with 4 Unique Ride Modes (Eco, Tour, Sport, Golf) to maximize your riding experience. Select Eco Mode for longer range cruising and extended battery life, Tour Mode for a great blend of long range riding plus power, Sport Mode for all out power or Golf mode that's optimized for Golf Course riding conditions.

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