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The Third Wheel



— Cycleboard Editorial Team

CycleBoard Golf - Your Personal Electric Golf Vehicle

When our customers asked us to design a CycleBoard optimized for the golf course, we just couldn't refuse.  The CycleBoard GOLF is built on the same chassis as our popular Rover model, but with different electronics along with a custom golf bag mount in front of the handle.

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Say Farewell to the 4-5 hour rounds

CycleBoard GOLF increases the pace-of-play and after extensive testing, the average time to play 18 holes is under 2 hours.  By going directly to your own ball in a ready-golf style of play, you'll cut your playing time in half and experience the game in an exciting new way.


Golf course friendly and built to last

The CycleBoard GOLF uses all-terrain tires specifically made for golf course use and with a low weight of 85 lbs it has less impact on the turf then compared to traditional golf carts or even a 150lb person walking.   We've packed it full of features like full suspension, 10” pneumatic tires, a high torque geared hub motor to tackle hills up to 30% and our extended range battery to play up to 36 holes per charge


Perfect Balance and stability

CycleBoard Golf’s custom golf bag mount is set on a 9-degree backward angle for perfect balance and weight distribution for any size golf bag.  The 3-wheel lean to steer platform is very stable and anyone can ride with little to no learning curve.


Portable with a small footprint

If you're an individual owner, the portability factor is a must allowing you to collapse the handle, throw it in your trunk and bring it to all your favorite courses.  If you're a golf course with a fleet of boards, the quick fold handle design allows you to reduce the footprint to only 1' x 2' by standing it up against a wall.