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LCD Display Features and Operation

Guide about the display features and display related operations of all CycleBoard models.


Speed modes - With the display on the main screen the up and down arrows will toggle between speed modes that will limit the top speed of the board. All models will start in speed mode 1 when turned on which is the lowest top speed of any of the speed modes and also the only speed mode that will limit the top speed. Speed mode 0 is enabled on some modes and is a reverse speed with zero start.

Odometer - With the display turned on short press the power button to toggle between, ODO (odometer), TRIP (trip resets every time the board is turned on), TM (time since the display was last turned on), ERR (error codes)

Push to Start - The board needs to be pushed with the throttle engaged for power to be sent to the motor.

Zero Start - The board will start moving when stationary if the throttle is pressed. The only model with Zero start enabled is the Golf Model.

Tail Light - The tail light can be turned on by long-pressing the up arrow on the display when on the home screen. When the tail light is on it will stay solid red and flash rapidly when the brake handle is pulled.

Speed - By long pressing the up arrow and center button for 3 seconds while on the main screen the display will toggle between Speed, Average Speed, and Max Speed. The default is Speed when the board is turned on.

Settings -  The settings can be accessed with the display on by long-pressing the up and down arrow simultaneously for around 3 seconds. To toggle between each setting short press the center button. Depending on the model of the board, some settings will be removed, locked, or disabled (will not change even if the parameter value is modified). Short press the up and down arrow on each parameter in the settings to modify the value.

P01 - Display Backlight Brightness

P02 - Unit of Measurement

P04 - Auto Shutdown Time

P06 - Wheel Size Selection

P08 - Speed Limit

P09 - Start Mode

P16 - Reset Odometer

P18 - Factory Reset

Error Codes - Error codes are accessed by short pressing the power button from the main screen on the display.

000 - No Error

006 - Low Battery Level

007 - Motor Error

008 - Throttle Error

009 - Controller Error

010 - UART Receive Error

011 - UART Receive Error

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