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X-Quad - Recenter your Front Wheel

If you're experiencing any irregularities or bumpiness in your X-Quad front wheels, it may indicate that the wheel hub isn't properly centered on the tire.

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Follow these steps to adjust it for optimal performance:

Step 1: Gather Necessary Tools


Step 2: Loosen Wheel Nuts

  1. Identify the five nuts securing the wheel hub.
  2. Use the hand wrench to carefully loosen and remove the nuts. Note: Avoid using a drill to prevent damaging the nuts and bolts.


Step 3: Position the Wheel

  1. Find an object smaller than the diameter of the wheel.
  2. Place this object underneath the outside of the wheel to support it during adjustments.


Step 4: Align the Wheel Hub

  1. Examine the alignment of the wheel hub inside the tire.
  2. Adjust the alignment until it's perfectly aligned along the edge of the tire.
  3. Work on it until it appears even and centered.


Step 5: Tighten Screws

  1. Begin tightening one screw slightly.
  2. Move to a second screw, ensuring to follow a cross pattern.
  3. Check the alignment after each tightening.
  4. Continue this process until all screws are tightened evenly.


Step 6: Final Adjustments

  1. Once all screws are tight and the wheel hub is centered, ensure it's secure in that position.
  2. Re-check the alignment and make any necessary final adjustments for perfect alignment.

Step 7: Re-inflate the Tire

  1. Use a tire inflator to re-inflate the tire to the recommended pressure.
  2. Ensure the tire is properly inflated for safe operation.

By following these detailed steps, you should be able to center the wheel hub on the tire effectively, resulting in smoother operation. If you encounter any difficulties or have further questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for assistance.

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