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X-Quad - Start Up / Features

Starting your X-Quad 3000 is a simple two step activation process. Follow these steps below or watch the how to video.

Watch the How to Video ->

Follow these steps to activate your X-Quad 3000 throttle:

Step 1:

Power on your X-Quad by holding the Power button on the LCD remote for 2 seconds. Enter your Password if set up.


Step 2:

Toggle to your desired Speed Mode (0-5) by pressing the Gear Up (+) or Gear Down Button ( - ) on the remote. Choosing the "0" Speed Mode will active reverse mode and show a "R" on the LCD.


Step 3:

Hold down the "Minus ( - )" button on the Power Remote. With the button pressed, hit the throttle and give it some power. You should feel the motors kick in and your board begin to move.


Once you're going you can let go of the minus button, you don't have to push the minus button again until you come to a complete stop for more than 5 seconds. If you wanna start again, just push the minus button, hit the throttle, and your off again.

Use caution when in higher Speed / Ride Modes, as the higher modes have more power and torque.

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