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Introducing Legion Electric MotorSports

CycleBoard is excited to announce the launch of a new brand under the CycleBoard umbrella called Legion Electric MotorSports.  Think of Legion as an extension of CycleBoard that allows us to expand our product line beyond the classic 3-wheel CycleBoard.   We are committed to continue to innovate new products to meet the growing needs of our customers and we invite you to check out the all new X-Quad 4-wheel electric board and the all new e-Café Racer and e-Scrambler electric bikes.   

Join the Legion

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    X-Quad 3000

    All-Terrain 4 x 2 x 4 Electric Vehicle

    A revolutionary Lean-To-Steer, 4-wheel electric scooter designed for ultimate performance and safety. With its dual rear motors, 4-wheel braking system and 4-wheel independent suspension, the X-Quad offers unrivaled stability, agility, and control, making it the perfect choice for both urban riding and off-road adventures.

  • Legion SCR-1200 Cafe Racer

    Mono-Shock Electric Motor Bike

    The SCR-1200 Cafe Racer, a captivating electric motorbike that seamlessly blends the nostalgic charm of a retro cafe racer style with state-of-the-art electric technology. Featuring smooth lines and vintage-inspired accents, this exceptional vehicle epitomizes the ideal fusion of timeless aesthetics and contemporary performance.

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    Legion SS-1200 e-Scrambler

    Dual Shock Electric Motor Bike

    Combining the timeless retro scrambler moto style with cutting-edge electric technology, the SS-1200 embodies the perfect blend of classic aesthetics and modern functionality. With sleek contours and vintage-inspired detailing, a powerful 1200 W Motor, dual rear and front suspension, plush bench style seat with breathable fabric design, frame integrated brake light, turn signals, and advanced LCD. Glide over rough terrains with confidence, effortlessly absorbing shocks, bumps, and whatever the terrain can throw at you.


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