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Rover / Golf Features & Overview

How to ride, general info, features, tires, battery care, safety tips and more.

LCD Display Features and Operation

Guide about the display features and display related operations of all CycleBoard models. Speed modes - With the di...

Rover / Golf

Parking Brake (Hydraulic)

The parking brake feature provides resistance in the rear tire most useful for transporting the board in a vehicle or...

Rover / Golf

Folding Handle Overview

A basic overview of the operation of the folding handle on all CycleBoard Models. All handles are made from steel to ...

Rover / Golf

Opening the Deck (Hinging)

All Cycleboard models (except the Sport) come standard with a hinging deck design to allow easy access to the battery...

Rover / Golf

Opening the Deck (Non-Hinging)

Guide for opening the deck of older Sport and Elite models with 8 screw heads visible on the standing surface of the ...

Rover / Golf

Battery Care, Use & Specs

CycleBoard uses advanced Lithium-Ion batteries made with LG cells.  Only dispose of Lithium-Ion batteries according t...

Rover / Golf

Front Fender Installation

Installation guide for the front fender of all the CycleBoard models Front Fender Install Video Required Equipment...

Rover / Golf

Golf Bag Mount Installation

Information about the installation of the bag mount of CycleBoard Golf. Golf Bag Mount Install Video Golf Bag Moun...

Rover / Golf

Turn Signal Installation

Installation guide for the turn signal of all CycleBoard models. Required Equipment 3 mm Allen Wrench 5 mm Allen W...

Rover / Golf

Cargo Basket Installation

Guide for the installation of cargo basket of all CycleBoard models. ‍ Cargo Basket Installation Video Cargo Basket ...

Rover / Golf